Embracing Change, One Day at a Time

I am not a fan of change.

Change used to be a welcomed event in my life.  Moving off to college and then graduate school were good changes.  Living on my own was a great change.  Getting married was an awesome change.  But there are certain changes that require more adjustment than others.


City Girl in the Country

Embracing changgeI’m a city girl.  I know, my last name is Citty and the pun was intended, but I’m truly an urban southern woman at heart.  I’m from the Raleigh-Durham, a metro area rich in culture, jazz, great barbeque and college basketball.  Very rarely do we come across people with Southern accents because of the diversity of the people within the area.  I like my coffee, my traffic, tall buildings, and local restaurants.

I knew I had to embrace change when my husband received the call to become a youth minister in a small county in Virginia.  In rural Virginia, people raise chickens, ride tractors, go fishing and hunt for sport.  I’ve never touched a gun in my life, nor been around chickens.  My husband had to explain to me how “tractor pulls” and “turkey shoots” worked.  I still have no clue what they are or why anyone would want to damage a truck in a tractor pull.  It makes zero sense to me.

Adjusting to a new area and a new church was challenging enough.  Six weeks after our move, I gave birth to our son.  Now I’m embracing change as a new mother.  Some women are a natural when it comes to the newness of motherhood.  I, on the other hand, was one big hot mess. I was more clueless about motherhood than I was about tractor pulls and turkey shoots.  The attempt to figure motherhood away from family was a struggle.

God is not a God who throws us into situations and leaves us hanging. Click To Tweet

It took me an entire year to settle down to my new surroundings.  Postpartum depression was evident in my life, and the adjustment was chaotic and dark.  I was far from embracing change in my life; if anything, I was trying to run far, far away from these changes.  It felt like God threw me in an impossible situation and said, “Here you go!  Have at it!  You’re on your own.”

Oh how wrong was I.


Embracing Change A Little At A Time

God is not a God who throws us into situations and leaves us hanging.  He guides us through the changes one step at a time.  The God who established the earth, fixed it’s dimensions, and stretched a measuring line across it is with us in our difficulty (Job 38:5, HCSB).  This same God created the world into being just by spoken word.  He knows us.  He cares about us.  And He has a plan for each one of us.

Day by day, breath by breath, our God is with us through the changes. Click To Tweet

One by one,  God directed each step as I embraced each change.  I embraced my role not only as a new mother, but a working mother as well.  I embraced my community by learning to love the country life. Slowly but surely I am learning more about the wonderful people of Prince George, only to find out that their struggles are very similar to mine.  We are all human in need of a Savior.

Day by day, breath by breath, our God is with us through the changes.  He doesn’t toss us around like a child tossing an old toy away.  He loves us, cares for us, and is with us through the changes.  It is because of Him that we are able to embrace changes in our lives.


How is God directing the changes in your life?  Do you feel like He has forgotten you?  Don’t fret sisters.  He is right there with you.

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8 thoughts on “Embracing Change, One Day at a Time

  1. Wow! You had some huge changes at once. Moving to the country and becoming a mommy all at the same time. You are so right though. God was there the whole time. He never leaves us alone in our big, scary changes even though sometimes it truly feels like it. I’m so glad you were able to realize that and thank you for sharing this important reminder with us.

  2. PPD can certainly skew our perspective! I remember believing the same lie. I’m thankful that your heart is seeking God once again, and that you are finding Him to be faithful in all the changes!

  3. You know, one of my students (they’re all Native Americans) asked me yesterday if he was different from other students that I’ve had (I’ve taught in both public and private schools in four different states). I didn’t even have to think about my “Nope.” “Really?” he wondered, “Aren’t we different because we’re Native?” I assured him that no matter where I’ve taught or what I’ve done, people still have the same basic challenges, fears, emotions and joys. We’re all just people. (My fear is a fear of change ;)–but I’m learning to embrace it).

  4. Thank you for these words. I needed to read them this morning. I am a southern-urban gal too who is currently living in a tiny mountain town. There are blessings even in the circumstances we wish would change, but it’s hard to embrace them for fear that God will leave us here if we are too happy about it! 🙂 At least I’m realizing that’s how my mind works. The truth is that God is worthy of my praise regardless of where I live and that I can praise Him, enjoy the blessings, and still request a venue change! 🙂 Thanks for your words today, Sam.

    1. Thanks Holly! I’m discovering the benefits to both urban and small town life. Small town life has treated me well so fa, and I’m glad to hear the same for you too!

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