A Country Not So United

Goodness!  It’s been too long since I’ve written anything.  I miss the Five Minute Friday community so much.  Time to get back into the swing of things.  The prompt this week is “unite” and here are my random thoughts for the week:

I’m not a political person.  If you are looking for a Facebook feed that is free of politics, then I am your friend.  It’s not that I don’t have convictions; it’s simply the face that politics have become more divisive than ever.  I have friends from both sides of the aisle, and to say anything would simply bring division.

We’re supposed to be the United States of America, but we are far from united.  Our disagreements have gone beyond differing philosophies of government.  It’s become personal and more forceful.  There are few issues, such as holding a pr0-life view, that I will adamantly uphold.  But to hold every issue as personal can only bring more pain and divisiveness.

I don’t know what the solution is.  I’m starting to think it was a mistake to become pregnant during an election year, because I become more annoyed and irritated with politics this year then ever.   The only thing I can do is pray.  Even if the ideal candidate is not elected in office, we can trust in a God who is the Ultimate Governor and King of Kings regardless of what citizenship we hold.  At some point, it works out for His good and not for our own.

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4 thoughts on “A Country Not So United

  1. Hi, I like this little piece! Good point about the United States not being so United. Although what would I know, I’m an outsider since I am not a resident 🙂 but it was interesting getting an insight point of view. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This election cycle is an unholy mess. And weirdly, intensely personal. I love politics but the nastiness is just something else entirely. We have forgotten how to disagree well.

    The sad thing is, it’s not just a national problem. I see it in the church, too. We’ve always had petty squabbles, of course, but our attitude…overall it’s no different from the rest of the world. People screaming at each other over whether or not women should work outside the home. I mean, really? There’s a whole lost world out there and we’re freaking out over who takes home a paycheck.

    It’s all sad.

  3. So good to see you here friend. You’ve been missed! I get annoyed by politics too. Yes I don’t agree with everyone and yes, I hold my own convictions but in the end, it is God who is the ultimate ruler. I choose to trust in that. I’m over in the #7 spot this week.

  4. This hit on a lot of what I’ve been thinking lately, too. This election cycle just seems so bitterly nasty, and it really does seem to be trickling into churches, civic groups, etc… I have to admit that I saw the 5 minute Friday prompt this week and I.Just.Could.Not.Write. I immediately thought of the political situation in this country, and I just didn’t want to be there in my mind right at that moment. Though I have to say that I’ve been learning a lot about prayer through events of this year!

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