31 Days of Random

31 days random

The challenge is to write every day for all 31 days in October.  Challenge accepted.  Welcome to 31 Days of Random.

Write 31 Days is an annual gathering of bloggers who write on a particular topic every day throughout the month of October.  I had a topic in mind until Kate Motaung announced her topics for the Five Minute Friday version of Write 31 Days.  And I figured, “Hey, why not?”.

Here’s what I’m doing: I will free write every day for five minutes.  The topics are not unified or part of a main concept, thus it’s all “random”.  Portions of 31 Days of Random might be reflective, serious, or down right goofy.  That’s how I roll on Fridays, so why not every day in October?

Visit here for a daily dose of random:

It’s Fall, Ya’ll! Introducing 31 Days of Random!

Day 1: The Confusion with Calling

Day 2: A Family Who Sticks Together

Day 3: Capture the Moments

Day 4: Embraceable You

Day 5: Scriptures of Home

Day 6: Anything is Possible…Right?

Day 7: A Letter to My Girls

Day 8: The One Where I Rant About Kid Shows

Day 9: A Plea From the Pastor’s Wife

Day 10: Ready? Set? Hike!

Day 11: The Challenge With Rest

Day 12: The Storm of Depression

Day 13: Just A Little Patience

Day 14: Fear To Fly

Day 15: The Joke Master

Day 16: The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Day 17: Worn Out Offering

Day 18: Something Worth Praying For

Day 19: Honor Your Father

Day 20: Absolute Futility

Day 21: Wave After Wave

Day 22: Value Your Pastor

Day 23: The Joy of Work

Day 24: Working With Silence

Day 25: Crash

Day 26: Whispers of Gossip

Day 27: The “Perhaps” Of Parenting

Day 28: Scriptures of Hope

Day 29: The Sea?

Day 30: Community and Bacon

Day 31: The Almost Mom

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