About Sam(antha)

samantha citty
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I am Sam.  You may feel free to insert a witty rhyme if you like.  Sam is indeed short for Samantha.  I use to be a stickler whenever someone called me Samantha, but I’m less of a stickler now than when I was younger.  But most people call me Sam.


So what else is there to know?

1) Born and raised in North Carolina but I’ve lived in Virginia for the last eleven years.

2) I have a music degree from Elon University, plus a seminary degree and an Educational Specialist from Liberty University.

3) I’ve worked full-time for Liberty University for almost six years.

4) Husband and I have been married for almost five years.  He serves as a youth pastor and I serve alongside him in Prince George, VA.

5) Our son is two years-old and likes to dance, laugh, play with friends, and watch Daniel Tiger, Clifford, Fraggle Rock, Caillou, Mickey Mouse.  The songs get stuck in my head a lot.  We’re also expecting another child the end of September.

6) We have two dogs named Teddy Bojangles and Raleigh TrapperKeeper.  The names were not my idea.

7) I was born and raised in Durham, but I am a lifelong Carolina Tar Heels fan.  Do not dare ask me if I’m a fan of that “other school”.

8) Dook is spelled with two “o’s” and a “k”.

9) I love my sorority, even in my 30s.  I’m a proud alum member of Sigma Alpha Omega®!

10) We watch professional wrestling.  Like every Monday night.  And yes, we know it’s fake.


So what’s the point of this blog?

write 31 daysI work.  I serve.  I mother.  And I feel like I’m the only one who is trying to balance everything.

I’ve found a lot of blogs for pastor’s wives.  There are a plethora of mommy blogs out there, even for working mothers.  However, I’ve yet to come across one that addressed the needs and issues of pastor’s wives who work, parent and serve alongside their husbands.  I’d like to think I’m not the only one out there, but it certainly feels that way.

It’s discouraging.  It’s exhausting.  As a result, I have felt like a square peg trying to fit in the circle known as cultural Christianity.  But this doesn’t change God’s character.

The blog is simply a slice of life from a frantic mother trying to navigate day to day life.  On occasion, I also write about my experience with depression and the road to recovery.  Sometimes I’m funny, sometimes I’m serious, but it all comes from the heart.

A lot of it is an issue of perception.  I was not surrounding myself with God’s Words concerning His calling and His purposes.  Admittedly I treated other people’s words as gospel and not the true source of the Gospel through the Scriptures.  Ultimately I had to repent of the false idolatry of comparison and lean on Christ and trust in His calling in my life.   So this blog is to not only admit to those false perceptions, but also become a source of encouragement to those who find themselves in the same season of life.