december life

Jesus Christ: A Birthday Like No Other

I’ve previous mentioned the struggles we December babies face.  Here’s a typically December birthday conversation: “Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! Here’s one gift.” Boo. “Happy Birthday! Here’s your birthday present in Christmas wrapping paper!” Not cool. “Happy Birthday! We’re going Christmas shopping.” My mom did that one year. It’s unfair to see your mother buy […]

The Irony of Youth Ministry

I’ve become the stereotypical youth pastor’s wife. I coach the youth drama team.  I will be coaching the youth worship team as of this fall.  I’m there at almost every event, pending I can get the time off from work and childcare for the toddler.  And I’m planning a service project for our girls to […]

Good News Club Reflections

I had every excuse not to do it. I work full-time.  I help out with the youth group.  I’m chasing a one-year old while keeping up with chores.  And I’m not sure if my boss will let me miss work.  My husband suggested, “Why don’t you ask your boss, and see if you can work […]